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Fundraising, simplified. Raise more money, faster with our 100% virtual fundraising options.

Maximize Your Fundraisers

We thought traditional fundraising was a hassle. That's why we created BuzzRaise. Our goal is to make fundraising easier so you can spend more time focusing on the passion.

New Fundraisers

Tired of selling the same old product? We partner with small businesses with amazing products your network will appreciate, so you can keep your fundraising campaigns fun and interesting.

Easy Setup

Set up your group for fundraising in just a few minutes. We'll keep you informed on how your fundraiser is going every step of the way.

Online Campaigns

Share your campaign with your social network and let us do the rest. Our fundraisers are always 100% virtual so you wont need to lift a finger.

Plenty of Options

With several high quality vendors, you'll be able to rotate through different fundraisers your whole season. People will be buzzing about your group.

Mobile Friendly

From running your fundraisers, to your supporters helping your cause, we have made it easy to do in our mobile world.

Easy Check-Out

It's easy for your supporters to check-out. With payment options like Apple-Pay and Android-Pay, a few clicks is all it takes for your supporters to boost your campaign!

How It Works

Having different options for online fundraisers is a game changer for us. Fundraising has never been easier!

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